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Convert Google Docs documents to markdown

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually formatting your text in Google Docs? Well, now there's an easier way! With Paste to Markdown, you can quickly and easily convert your formatted text into markdown language. And the best part is, it all happens right in your browser, without the need for any additional software or extensions.

Using Paste to Markdown with Google Docs is simple. First, select the text that you want to convert and copy it to your clipboard. Then, head over to the Paste to Markdown website and paste your copied text into the input field. In just a few seconds, our converter will automatically generate the markdown version of your text.

Once you have your markdown text, you can easily paste it back into your Google Docs document. Simply highlight the text that you want to replace and paste in the markdown text. And just like that, your text will be formatted exactly how you want it, without the need for any tedious manual formatting.

But that's not all! Paste to Markdown also allows you to preview your markdown text before you paste it back into your document. This can be especially helpful if you're not familiar with markdown syntax and want to make sure that your text will be formatted correctly.

So why spend hours formatting your text manually when you can use Paste to Markdown to do it in just a few seconds? Give our tool a try and see how much time and effort it can save you. And remember, our converter is completely free to use, so you can convert as much text as you need without worrying about any additional costs. Try it out today and see how easy it is to use Paste to Markdown with Google Docs.

Effortlessly convert formatted text into markdown with our simple and fast online tool. Paste your text and get markdown back in seconds. Try it now for free!

Converting Google Docs footnotes to markdown

To convert your footnotes as well, you need to export your Google Docs document as a Web Page.

Google Docs export footnotes to Markdown
  1. Export your page "Web Page (.html, zipped)"
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Drag the HTML file "***.html" to Paste to markdown's dashed area

Give Paste to markdown a try.